Angad Vir Singh runs out of ammo, switches to simulator

To have a shotgun range at home is a blessing, especially in the times of pandemic. While Angad Vir Singh Bajwa, the reigning Asian champion in skeet, is happy to train at home in Chandigarh, he has been compelled to slow down.

“I have been rationing ammunition as I don’t have enough. I have asked the Sports Authority of India (SAI) for ammo and clays. I am waiting for the approval’’, said Angad.

He makes up for lack of ammunition by using the simulator for about 30 minutes every day.

“It is a machine similar to Scatt system that rifle and pistol shooters use. I managed to get the simulator before the lockdown. My coach Tore Brovold used it prior to the Beijing Olympics. It has been very useful for me during this time’’, said Angad.

Coach tests positive at Karni Singh range, training to continue: SAI

The much accomplished Brovold won the silver in the Beijing Olymipcs.

While it has mostly been a frustrating wait of one more year of Olympics, Angad felt it as a blessing in disguise to be shooting the Olympics in 2021.

“I am constantly in touch with my coach via video calling. I have made good progress in my shooting during this time. Getting extra one year for Olympics is a blessing for me. I have become a stronger shooter’’, he said.

Focus on physical fitness

If he can afford to have a shotgun range at his farmhouse, it is not such a big task for Angad to have a gym at home.

“Tore has told me to train less at the moment and focus more on my physical fitness and diet. I work out at the gym every day’’, he said.

Angad was clear that travelling to Delhi, a “hot spot’’ would not be safe, especially considering that he has world class facilities at home.

Even though the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) had announced an Olympic core group camp, it did not make any attempt to assemble the concerned shooters.

Netflix and sports

“I have almost finished all shows on Netflix’’, joked Angad, who reads a bit and watches a lot of football.

“It was interesting to watch the Premiere league, as I am a huge Manchester United fan. They secured a strong third place. August looks interesting with Champions league and all the F1 races’’, said Angad.