Doctor resigns from UCP, citing racist views of premier’s speechwriter

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Between 1831 and 1996, 139 residential schools were operated across Canada, and some 150,000 Indigenous children attended. The children were taken from their families and stripped of their culture, language and identity while also being physically and emotionally abused. Some 6,000 died.

Kenney, when asked about the controversy on Thursday, did not comment on whether or not he would fire Bunner. He said he has not read the article and was unaware of Bunner’s statements when he was hired.

“I cannot be part of a party that disrespects Indigenous people in such a way,” Zaidi said.

When asked about Zaidi’s resignation, UCP President Ryan Becker said in a statement, “It is well known that Dr. Zaidi has a long-running, well-established grievance with the UCP government, so this latest move is not at all surprising.”

The UCP did not provide Postmedia with an interview and did not respond to requests for further information.

— With files from Tyler Dawson

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