August 19, 2022
Ghostrunner Is The Cyberpunk Game You Should Have Played In 2020

The yr 2020 was a large year for the Cyberpunk style in movie online games due to the fact the hotly-predicted (and extended-in-development) Cyberpunk 2077 was eventually introduced that yr. Nonetheless, it wasn’t the enormous technology-defining sport CD Projekt Crimson (and admittedly, lots of of us lovers) propped it up to be. 

I performed it on Xbox Series X at release, and it ran good adequate that I could roll credits pondering I had just done a exciting game that I am happy I performed. However, having an Xbox Sequence X or a PlayStation 5 around the time Cyberpunk 2077 was produced in 2020 was tough, and a lot of had to perform CDPR’s latest RPG on previous-gen consoles. You almost certainly now know the tale of how that went – it was not a superior game to engage in on last-gen consoles at all. CDPR choosing not to give reviewers codes for these consoles on leading of the way the studio opted not to communicate about very last-gen variations of Cyberpunk 2077 at all was deceitful, dishonest, and frankly disrespectful to shoppers. 

Whether you performed the match on a beefy Personal computer, a new-gen console, or endured by means of it on preceding-gen hardware, there is a excellent chance the chat of the cyberpunk town that yr for you was Cyberpunk 2077. It shouldn’t have been for the reason that a considerably better cyberpunk match was released significantly less than two months just before it: Ghostrunner. 


I played by some of Ghostrunner when it was released in Oct of 2020. Nevertheless, thanks to get the job done/freelance obligations, I experienced to shelve it to do the job on, ironically sufficient, a large guidebook challenge for Cyberpunk 2077. I hadn’t managed to get back again to Ghostrunner right until this past weekend. Possessing read through about its PlayStation 5 upgrades, which include things like a 60 FPS ray-tracing manner and a 120 FPS method, I made a decision it was time to soar in. Two days afterwards, I had rolled credits on not just the most effective cyberpunk sport produced in 2020 but just one of my preferred video games of all time. 

Absolutely sure, Ghostrunner is just not a significant, sprawling RPG with dozens of hrs of written content. Nevertheless, it’s a restricted, seven-hour initial-particular person samurai sword slasher that I currently can not wait to replay a single working day (the good thing is, I have the Task_Hel DLC released before this yr to play as a result of for now).

Ghostrunner is, as the title indicates, about a ghostrunner who has been reactivated to get down an authoritarian chief in a devastated-by-capitalism cyberpunk metropolis. The tale has twists and turns, which I will not likely spoil right here, but at its heart, it can be about a man or woman grappling with what helps make them human. Is it consciousness? Is it a heartbeat? Can you be human if most of your overall body is equipment? Ghostrunner tackles these concerns head-on, and it delivers. Mind you, it is really not the deepest, most revealing story in the cyberpunk genre, but it is really a lot more than serviceable, which will work mainly because the emphasis on Ghostrunner is its gameplay. 

Ghostrunner is like a hyper-rapid Mirror’s Edge meets 3D Katana Zero. If you get a solitary strike, you die. As you can think about, you will die a whole lot. Like, so a great deal. But, like Katana Zero, which featured the exact same just one-hit mechanics, the match promptly reloads you back to the start out of the face, obtaining you proper again into the motion and axing any aggravation you may truly feel on death. At to start with, you could perspective just about every overcome or parkour circumstance like a initially-human being shooter, akin to Connect with of Obligation. “There is enemies right here, so I am going to attack them in this article,” and so on. Nonetheless, Ghostrunner should be treated like a puzzle to really have an understanding of what each state of affairs is hoping to instruct you. 

There is an optimum route for every come across, but it is not the only answer, which I appreciated. You must master how to leap around a phase, grappling to hanging hooks or grinding onto Sonic-like rails – reach the enemy about in this article in advance of wallrunning to the enemy above there. If you pass up a beat, there is a very good chance you’ll consider a shot and die. As these kinds of, you’ll discover oneself locked into a operate you think could function, seeking it about and around once more until finally you locate good results and defeat just about every enemy in the space. It truly is exhilarating, and each individual time I concluded a productive encounter, I felt like a parkour god. Gameplay is king in Ghostrunner, and for great purpose – it’s some of the most effective in-recreation movement and battle out there.

What’s better is that the tale of Ghostrunner and its major-notch gameplay is wrapped in a bow of an extraordinary synthwave rating and stunning cyberpunk visuals. If you like neon lights, you are heading to like Ghostrunner. 

All of this is to say that Ghostrunner is a person of my preferred gaming activities in a long time and totally the very best cyberpunk game of 2020. I only wished I had played by way of it totally again then as an alternative of ready two several years to uncover a activity that is now 1 of my all-time favorites.

For more Ghostrunner, go through about the sequel it’s acquiring here. 

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