KFC Gaming Trolls Back 4 Blood Over Left 4 Dead Connection

After a long time, Back 4 Blood has finally become available for purchase. This should be exciting for the players of left 4 Dead. While the game isn’t technically a continuation of Valve’s series, however, it was developed through Turtle Rock Studios who developed that original left 4 Dead. Or, perhaps KFC Gaming was unaware of the direct link to the other game or maybe the fast-food chain just wanted to have a bit of amusement at Turtle Rock’s expense. KFC Gaming shared a side-by-side review of both games via a tweet, saying it was “every masterpiece has its cheap copy.”

Turtle Rock Studios had no problem defending themselves against the attack, making fun of Colonel Sanders The original recipe was: “11 herbs and spices, and still no taste.” The Tweet is embedded below.

The incredibly successful comeback of KFC Gaming resulted in a variety of other developers offering their support as well, such as Insomniac Games. At the time of writing, this initial Tweet by KFC Gaming has just a tiny fraction of the shares and likes as the above tweet. The exchange is among the most strange social media interactions that we’ve seen in the past on the release date of a game!

Spiritual successors to the original like Back 4 Blood have become the norm in games for video in the past few years. It’s becoming more popular for the creators of beloved games to produce work that aims to express the same heart even though they don’t have any rights in the IP. Games such as Yooka-Laylee and Bloodstained have accomplished exactly this, offering players of games like Banjo Kazooie or Castlevania something familiar, but also something new. It’s still too early to determine whether back 4 Blood will prove one of the most sequels to the original, however as the game is out to players, they can decide on their own!

Back 4 Blood is out now across PlayStation 4. PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S along with the PC. We have an earlier coverage on Back 4 Blood on this page.

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