August 8, 2022
Kirby's Dream Buffet Is An Appetizing Multiplayer Food-Devouring Race

Kirby has a delicious-searching new multiplayer title heading to Switch this summer. Kirby’s Desire Buffet pits friends towards every other in a platforming, snack-devouring race.

Just one to four players roll their Kirby via four rounds of foods-themed obstacle courses, and whoever collects the most strawberries by the end wins. As viewed in the trailer, gamers can use new cuisine-motivated copy qualities to get the higher hand. That includes morphing into a cupcake that vacuums several food stuff things or turning into sentient chocolate bars to execute Kirby’s signature rock slam. 

Kirby’s Desire Buffet supports regional and on the internet multiplayer and will be bought digitally and at retail for an unannounced rate.

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