New ‘Hunt: Showdown’ Update Adds Dual Wielding Pistols and New Trials Mode

It’s been a while since we last checked in on Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown, which just received a huge update. Most notable about the update is that you finally get handgun dual wielding, and a new single player Trials mode.

For dual wielding, all 13 handgun models are supported. You can also combine normal and Legendary versions, though models must always be the same. The ability isn’t restricted to rank and you’re not required to unlock it, so you can go nuts from the beginning.

As for the new Trials mode, you won’t have to deal with opposing players, so you’re free to roam and complete challenges. There are 15 trials in all, which are divided up into three varieties: parkour trials test your ability to move fluidly, sniper trials involve shooting targets from vast distances, and wave trials are your horde mode. Crytek has stated that more Trials will roll out in coming updates.

Hunt: Showdown is available now on PC via Steam (which has a nice 45% discount at the moment during the Summer Sale), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.