NFT Gaming Pioneer Vulcan Forged Launches New DEX for Gaming Tokens

Cardiff, United Kingdom The blockchain gaming company, Vulcan Forged is announcing the debut of the world’s first DEX (DEX) specifically designed to trade gaming tokens, VulcanDEX. The DEX allows gamers on the platform to exchange any gaming token with no necessity of registering. Users will be able to utilize their newly acquired tokens to play their chosen game.

Users are also able to put bets on gaming tokens to enable trades on VulcanDEX. the users receiving rewards according to their shares of certain liquidity pools. It is believed that the DEX currently has four active pools to facilitate this as well as a number of additional pools such as $YGG, $SAND $AXS and $VNLA to be announced in the near future. In addition, the in-game assets can be traded in VulcanDEX as tokens that are non-fungible (NFTs) which create an active market that is connected to many popular blockchain-based gaming platforms.

VulcanDEX will also run on $PYR, a utility token that serves as the foundation for VulcanForged. VulcanForged Gaming ecosystem. The players can place PYR on the DEX and also get their rewards and also stake it in pools along with different gaming-related tokens.

Pioneering the Decentralized Play-to-Earn Model

With the introduction the addition of VulcanDEX to its collection of products and games, Vulcan Forged has grown into a true innovator within the “Play-to-Earn” (P2E) space. P2E is a gaming-based business model that allows for open markets within gaming ecosystems and provides rewards to those who contribute value to games by making contributions to their development. This could take the way of contributing to the development and design of games or even the beta testing of new games. The idea is to offer an opportunity to potential gamers who might otherwise have to be required to pay for well-known games.

Vulcan Forged has merged this new concept with the notion that underpins decentralized financial (Defi) that allows users on the gaming platform of VulcanForged to donate gaming tokens and other crypto assets for exchange with decentralized gamers. Furthermore, the P2E market is still fairly new with players like Axie infinity well as Decentraland is only beginning to gain traction this year. This places Vulcan Forged at the cutting edge of the new sector.

Building on Success

The fact that Vulcan Forged is at this point in its history is not a surprise considering its recent successes. In total with other games, it is expected that the Vulcan Forged games are set to reach the goal of 200,000 users by the date of the 2021 deadline. This is the result of several successes since the beginning in the new year of Vulcan Forged. Vulcan Forged team, including securing intellectual property rights to the most famous pieces of art to be used in their world of games that is the VulcanVersre.

The paintings comprise “Egyptian Queen” by Frank Frazetta the painting that was auctioned earlier in the year for more than $5.4 million. Frazetta is an internationally renowned fantasy and science art creator best known in the Conan The Barbarian illustrations. In addition, Vulcan Forged also partnered with Arkane Network to support game-focussed NFTs developed on Polygon. The expansion of the platform to other well-known crypto-related ecosystems is part of Vulcan Forged’s long-term strategy to broaden the accessibility of its groundbreaking games and its game development ecosystem.

About Vulcan Forged

Created as a simple-to-play and easy-to-build ecosystem, Vulcan Forged is a project run by the community which promotes the creation of world-class blockchain games aiding developers through their development programs. Incubation and crowdfunding.

For gamers who enjoy blockchain, Vulcan Forged is a one-stop-shop where they can play the most popular games as well as the largest NFT marketplace where you can buy as well as sell assets on the go. All of the ecosystem’s functions are powered by PYR settlement as well as utility tokens and staking. The PYR compatible with ERC20 is a multi-platform currency that can be used in games applications that are part of Vulcan Forged. Vulcan Forged ecosystem.

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