August 9, 2022
No More Heroes 3 Comes To PlayStation, Xbox, And PC With Improvements In October

We realized in April that the Swap-distinctive No A lot more Heroes 3 was expanding its horizons to other platforms, but now we know Travis Touchdown’s hottest journey can make the transfer in Oct.

A flashy new trailer reveals that on October 11, No A lot more Heroes 3 migrates to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox A person, and Pc. These versions choose gain of their a lot more potent properties by boasting sharper Hd visuals, improved framerates, and more rapidly loading. out?v=itdHpJ3TVio

No More Heroes 3 first arrived on Switch in August 2021. Previous GI editor John Carson scored the recreation a 7.75 out of 10, crafting in his assessment: 

“My time with No Far more Heroes 3 jumped between the short highs from entertaining bosses and cutscenes to very long, ugly stretches in the globe. A lot of the style and design is dated, and I preferred to fall it following a couple of bosses to steer clear of the mundanity, but I’m content I noticed it to completion. There are quite a few fun times, and I adore how unafraid it is to be odd or referential. Those who are by now invested in the tale of Travis Landing ought to be suitable at house in this new No A lot more Heroes. Nevertheless, I’d insist newcomers try out previous entries before diving into this Backyard garden of Madness.”

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