Rationale: How to get an insect ax and a level 2 insect hammer

Grounded is a terrific game, and is already one of the best games on the Xbox One, even though it was available early. Already gaining 1 million players, Grounded will receive monthly updates starting in late August, adding new content and features while crushing some of these early access bugs (bugs as in problems, not creatures).

One question I get a lot on my Twitter account is how to get the level 2 wasps and hammers needed to gather some of the harder resources in the yard. If you don’t have time to explore this for yourself, here’s what you need to know.

Microscopic survival


It’s a big (German) world there.

Obsidian Entertainment is showcasing an exclusive debut on the Xbox One and Grounded PC, a unique survival experience that literally makes all your problems much, much bigger. Join your friends when you’ve shrunk to the size of an ant and are forced to survive in a dangerous backyard.

Insect hammers are a level 2 hammer needed to collect mints for the most powerful weapon on Earth – the Mint. Insect hammers themselves are a powerful one-handed weapon and can be used to assemble a variety of high-end craft materials.

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Required materials: Parts 4x Stinkbug, 4x Berry leather (from 12x Berry Chunks), 1x Bombardier Beetle Boiling Gland.

  1. What it takes to make Insect hammer these are parts of Stinkbug, Berry skin and a boiling bombardier beetle net. Obtaining these items requires battles with the Stinkbugs and the Bombardier Beetles. You may want to book an acorn armor from acorn shells and other common parts found near a large oak tree.
  2. Shearing parts Drop from Stinkbugs that are hiding around the west side of the map north of a large rake in a large dry open area. They are flat brown and much larger than most bugs you have ever seen. They often roam south to the east of the rake, in flocks of up to four mobs. You can pull people out of the group with a bow and arrow, or by throwing a rock. Airsoft bites hurt, so be sure to block the blocks in a timely manner. When they engage, they will spray harmful gas in the area around them. Get away before this happens. After releasing the gas, they can no longer do so for 20-30 seconds, giving you enough time to attack.

    Source: Windows Central

  3. You will also need a single Explosive beetle of a bomber beetle, which can be difficult to obtain due to the aggressive nature of these factors. Bombardier beetles are large bright green bedbugs that are attracted by the release of acid from the abdomen, which cannot be blocked, and bite incredibly hard. You can chew the battle by shooting them from a distance, but once you get to a safe place, starting from the acid and time blocks, you will be able to see you through the battle quite easily. They can be found all over the big rock, where the rake climbed to the west side of the map.
  4. The last thing you need Berry Skin, which is made up of three Berry Chanks. You will need 12 berry pieces. Berries can be found on hedges in the southern middle edge of the map. Climb under the hedge and throw rocks to knock them out, then chop with an ax. The area is a hot spot for spider larvae and balls, but be careful.

    Source: Windows Central

  5. Analyze all new materials at the research station and you should unlock the sample for Insect hammer.
  6. Use the machine to combine your materials into a shiny new insect hammer!

Grounded Get Level 2 Insect Ax

The Insect Insect is an upgrade of the basic pebble ax that allows you to chop much larger weeds for more efficient construction materials. The Ax Insect is also a strong weapon with one hand, with decent statistics comprehensively. Producing one of these bad guys potentially takes less work, but you’ll have to get confused with some nasty mistakes to get it.

Required materials: 1x Ladybug head, 3 spare parts scorer, 4x Silk spider.

  1. First, you will need ladybug, here, you guessed, having killed the Sun. These beautiful creators don’t seem to have a specific hangout and can roam the map. They are quite common, but you may have to look. They hit hard enough and stun the download, so be sure to lock carefully. You can chew the fight while standing on your back and hit them from above if you manage to jump on one.

    Source: Windows Central

  2. Next you need three Bombing units. As mentioned above, bombardier beetles roam around a large rock with a rake on the west side of the map. They spray acid and hit really hard, so break up, use the best armor and weapons, and practice these blocks. You may need to save before taking them.
  3. Finally, you will need it Spider silk. If you’re still unsure about fighting Orb Weaver or Wolf Widers, you can grab some of the baby spiders that hang near the big rock where the bomber beetles hang out. On the east side of the rock there is a crack in the ground, which leads to a large spider lair, often you can find about 3-4 spiders. Bullet killers aren’t too hard to kill with acorn armor and an ant club if you can set up your blocks correctly.
  4. Once you have all the pieces, return to the workbench and process your spikelet Insect Ax.