August 9, 2022
Reader Discussion: What Did You Name The Cat In Stray?

Stray has been out in the wild for a pair of days now, which indicates players have experienced plenty of time to answer a person burning question: what did you name the cat?

The game’s furry protagonist lacks an formal title. As you take a look at the write-up-apocalyptic planet, have you provided it a single oneself? If so, what title have you settled on? 

Admittedly, I’m nevertheless figuring that out myself. I however have a very good techniques to go in Stray, and I have batted all around a number of options as I hopped throughout rooftops and meowed at robots. Some are additional elaborate, like “Chester A. Tabby II” (the successor to my Palico’s identify in Monster Hunter: Planet) other individuals are more simple, like “Creamsicle,” which has been growing on me. I’m hoping your responses inspire me to concoct the purr-fect moniker. I’m sorry. 

So let us listen to it: what do you call the cat in Stray? There are no wrong answers. Very well, until you named it “Dog.” Then we’ll have to snitch on you to the Cat Police. The Cats-apo? I am likely to quit now. Share your responses beneath!

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