Stuffed Gem Squash with Rice, Spinach and chillies

Gem Squash is a product from our beautiful country, South Africa. It is always best to eat vegetables that are available locally in season. For this recipe use any kind of small squash/pumpkin. The sweet flesh of the squash is very fibrous and is very tasty. It just melts in the mouth when baked/roasted.

It is used differently in different types of cuisines. Make this with any type of squash you can get your hands on and enjoy the flavours. It is gluten-free and it can be made vegan by adding a vegan cheese or even skipping it, just roasted will be just as nice! Here I have used gem squash, which is a green-skinned, yellow-fleshed. This gem squash recipe was delicious. 

I made this meal all within an hour. Cooked the rice and at the same time braised the meat, added small tomatoes and rosemary then towards the end of the cooking time, added the florets broccoli.   

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