August 9, 2022
Take Your First Look At Soulframe, The Next Game From The Studio Behind Warframe

TennoCon is Electronic Extremes’ once-a-year Warframe event that unites enthusiasts and usually gives them lots to cheer about in terms of activity bulletins. That was definitely the situation these days this year’s TennoCon livestream sent a new Warframe enlargement named The Duviri Paradox, which was only outdone by Digital Extremes announcing its following flagship activity. The studio uncovered it has begun growth on a fantasy sport known as Soulframe.

Several facts for Soulframe were being supplied, but you can take your very first glimpse at the art way and vibe in the trailer over. You can also go to the studio’s official web-site to address a puzzle to see extra principle artwork and screens.

Warframe has very long been one particular of the most prosperous absolutely free-to-enjoy video games out there, virtually coming on a ten years because release. You can choose a glance at what is coming following to this wild sci-fi expeirence in the trailer below. at?v=wxbNAraWhiU


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