August 9, 2022
Take Your First Look At The New Robocop Game Starring Peter Weller

Defend the harmless and uphold the legislation. That is what Robocop is programmed to do, and you can soon get the possibility to see the entire world by way of his visor in Robocop: Rogue City, a new game from developer Teyon and publisher Nacon. Peter Weller, the actor who turned Robocop in the function film, is reprising his role, bringing both his likeness and voice to this iconic ’80s character.

The trailer over reveals off approximately one moment of gameplay. Robocop’s precision focusing on is on display, as is his brute energy, which he works by using to easily push dumpsters and hurl enemies by means of the air. Rogue Town tells a new tale set about the exact time as Paul Verhoeven’s film and by some means brings the effective reboot ED-209 again into the mix.

Teyon is the advancement residence that unveiled Terminator: Resistance. which not too long ago was enhanced for new-gen devices. Robocop: Rogue Metropolis is slated to launch in June 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Sequence X/S, Switch, and Pc.

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