The best VR games: the top PSVR, Oculus and other VR games to play in 2021

Are you not satisfied with your current gaming experience? Do you find yourself staring at the flat screen of a TV and hopping in with one pad somewhat tiresome? Do you desire an immersive experience in the gaming world? This is a sign that you’re in need of the top VR games currently available in your daily life. Although still considered by many to be fringe elements of gaming VR headsets are slowly becoming more popular because of the likes of PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest 2.

VR is now more accessible and affordable than ever before. The price and the space were once significant obstacles for entry into the world of VR, however today we’re seeing more innovative methods that let players of all ages and levels to take a dip (or fingers) into all kinds and virtual realms. You may think that you’d be an interesting desperado on escape from the law, or want to taking a trip into your own mind We’ve got some of these games which will be suitable for you.

So get your eyes open and your fingers ready to check out the following article for some of the top VR games that you can take part in from 2021.

1. Half-Life: Alyx

Fans have been waiting to see Half-Life 3 for a long time However, it has never focused on improving the quality of technology, and it’s only natural to say that Valve’s return to the popular series was bound to be something different.

The need for a powerful PC setup could render Half-Life Alyx difficult to access to a lot of players, however, even with the bare settings and without room scale the technology is miles ahead of its competitors. It’s all in the tiny aspects and the ways to play with ordinary objects such as drawing on windows is awe-inspiring even before you put on your gloves of gravity.

And, perhaps most important, Alyx isn’t just the most immersive VR game, but it’s also an outstanding Half-Life game as well with superbly written characters, and a finale that will have significant implications for the game going into the future.

2. Rez Infinite

At just the age of 20 Rez always was out of the ordinary. It was a cyberspace shooter which incorporated sensuality and sound into an entirely different level. This is why it was begged to be revived in VR.

Utilizing head-tracking to shoot targets might result in Rez Infinite being slightly simpler than the original version, however, you’re not playing it to test yourself, but for the sensation of sensory overdrive as you get lost in the excitement of its trippy graphics and the pulsing techno trance music.

What makes Rez Infinite a contemporary masterpiece is the brand-new Area X level, which only takes 20 minutes of pure joy as Tetsuya Mizuguchi leads us off the tracks into a new era with the next stage of synaesthesia.

3. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

It started out as a miniature game in the free PSVR application called The Playroom VR, before fleshing out into a full-blown game Astro Bot: Rescue Mission isn’t only the top game available on the Sony headset, but it’s also one of the most popular platformers of the last few years.

There are many 3D games that have you watching the screen in the virtual world, but Rescue Mission goes one step further by throwing your head inside the game to make you more than just an apex cipher, but as much of a character Astro. Astro.

The gameplay itself is amazing, with thrilling sets that will take you out of the world. It’s not a stretch to call Astro Bot”the” Mario Galaxy of VR games. Astro Bot can be truly a cosmic experience.

4. Beat Saber

There’s a lot of VR games that will get you exercising however, nothing can be more violent than dual-wielding lightsabers while you cut to beats in the top VR beat-boxing game.

If you’re in the zone cutting up blocks that are coming your way or avoiding obstacles from every angle to the high-tempo EDM It feels so good that you don’t be concerned about whether it makes people look foolish or you’ll sweat buckets in just a few minutes.

It doesn’t matter if it’s taking part in Beat Saber as a way to stay fit, or challenging yourself with a range of mods, or creating new tracks (via the PC) to the existing library (which includes Green Day, Linkin Park, BTS, and Panic! At The Disco), there’s no better VR game to get moving.

5. Blood And Truth

The closest experience you could achieve to VR Uncharted, Blood And Truth was the first feature-length PSVR exclusive that combines an array of fun mechanics in close proximity and a rollicking, fun London-set caper that was inspired in Bond and Guy Ritchie and Bond films.

While it can solve many issues with locomotion simply by looking at various places to move to it’s also more than a disembodied hand due to the way ammo and weapons are mapped to your body.

However, what wonderful things you can accomplish with your hands whether you’re soaring up the gang’s hideout or picking locks, wrangling dual weapons, or most of all, being at the center of a shoot-out at the nightclub, while mixing in the background. You’d be a fool to not be a part of it.

6. Star Wars: Squadrons

Yes, it is possible to enjoy Star Wars: Squadrons perfectly in 2D. However, when the entire game – which includes the single-player campaign as well as multiplayer – is compatible with VR, you can make your chance to make your Star Wars dogfighting fantasies from childhood coming real.

Games that bind the player to a cockpit are always perfectly suited for VR, but sitting on the inside of an X-Wing or TIE Fighter takes it to another level. To make you feel even more immersed in the experience, you’ll need to invest in a quality HOTAS controller too.

While Vader Immortal provides a thrilling, but thin Jedi fanfiction, Squadrons is the most immersive VR experience available to anyone who is a Star Wars fan.

7. Superhot VR

The original concept was a first-person shooter/puzzle game in which time changes only when you move. Superhot VR completely transforms the idea so that you truly become Neo the Matrix. the movie Matrix.

It’s certainly a VR game that you’ll want to play while standing and having more space will allow you in reaching certain guns or avoid slow-motion bullets that are coming at you.

There’s no way to overcome the levels. It is possible to wait for your orange thugs to approach so that you can smack them into insignificance, you could even remove the gun from their hands, sacrifice a weapon to catch the bullet that is coming towards you, or showcase your abilities by throwing shurikens at a distant goal. The range of innovative options that are available makes the Superhot VR extremely fun to play.

8. Walkabout Mini Golf VR

If you’re looking for a relaxing casual VR game with your buddies and have fun, there’s no more enjoyable than playing some games of Walkabout Mini Golf VR.

With realistic physics and cleverly constructed courses, the possibility for playing up to 5 players makes it ideal to catch up with your acquaintances while encouraging a bit of friendly rivalry.

While the golfing itself can be, it’s possible to be able to move around the course between shots and enjoy the tranquil environment of gorgeous low-poly areas, or exploring for the many lost balls that are scattered throughout the course that truly makes this unique.

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