August 9, 2022
Thirsty Suitors Gameplay Trailer Highlights Wacky Turn-Based Battles And Skateboarding

Thirsty Suitors kicked off the Annapurna Showcase with a new gameplay explainer breaking down its uniquely offered struggle technique and a shocking exploration section. 

The activity, which premiered during past year’s Match Awards, centers on Jala, a young girl who need to reconcile with her exes and buddies even though dealing with ( or, more particularly, disappointing ) her demanding dad and mom ahead of her sister’s wedding ceremony. The activity revolves all over a transform-dependent fight process where by Jala faces a former lover, which reimagines their makes an attempt to find widespread floor as an RPG struggle.

The trailer confirmed off moves this kind of as Thirsty Taunts to manipulate an ex’s emotions. Your aged flames can manifest their inflated egos into alternate realities, wherever they reign supreme as the exaggerated versions of their self-perceptions. Thankfully, you knock them down a peg by enlisting the assistance of relatives associates as if they ended up Remaining Fantasy summons, this sort of as a large edition of Jala’s mom dishing out considerable damage. Battles conclude not with a knockout but with Jala and her adversary working out their troubles.

Thirst Suitors functions a selection of gameplay mechanics outside of battles, namely skateboarding. Selected segments let Jala to skate and grind rails, make combos, and execute stunts to construct up a score. It’s a surprising addition that harkens to Tony Hawk or Jet Set Radio, and the match also characteristics other special gameplay shifts. 

A Steam demo goes are living later currently if you happen to be nonetheless on the fence about Thirsty Suitors. The activity has only been verified for Laptop so significantly and has no launch window.

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