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App Development

Why Learn App Development ? step by step 2023

Why Learn App Development ?

  • Scope: Almost every business in the world needs an app & someone has to develop & maintain those apps.
  • Popular Apps: Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Airbnb, SecondWife etc ki apps are made in React Native.
  • 4 Months Only: We’ll make you an app developer in only 4 months (INSHALLAH) .
  • No Degree Required: You don’t need a degree to become a mobile app developer.
  • Earning: Entry-level salaries typically range around Rs. 4-6 LAKHS per year. After 2 years of experience, expect around Rs. 7-18 lakhs per year.
  • Proud Parents: Inshallah your parents will proudly tell everyone k mera beta ‘asli software engineer hai, mobile ki apps banata hae’.
  • Abroad Jao: You’ll be able to avail opportunities to work abroad at much higher salaries. America, Germany, Canada & Australia all have relocation agencies that are constantly recruiting highly skilled App developers from around the world.
  • Remote Jobs: You’ll be able to work from home for international companies as a remote app developer.
  • Freelancing: You’ll be able to sell your services as a freelancer.
  • Business Karo: You can launch your own software house business or your own app.
  • Portfolio: As part of the course we’ll help you build a portfolio of completed projects to demonstrate your skills, creativity, and practical experience to potential employers or clients.
  • Transferable skills: Once you learn React Native, learning other more modern programming languages in the future will become easy for you. Thus you’ll never become obsolete.

Brief Outline

  • Starting with JavaScript and its completely understandable.
  • Introduction to React Native (A framework of JavaScript used to develop apps for Android & iPhone platforms).
  • Setting up the development environment and project structure.
  • Understanding React Native components and JSX syntax.
  • Styling components with inline styles and external stylesheets.
  • Handling user input, forms, and validation.
  • Making API requests and working with data.
  • Implementing navigation using React Navigation library.
  • Managing state with React Hooks.
  • Adding authentication and user sessions.
  • Integrating push notifications for user engagement.
  • Implementing animations and gestures for better user experience.
  • Utilizing device features like cameras, geolocation, and sensors.
  • Handling offline data storage using local databases or AsyncStorage.
  • Deploying apps on iOS and Android devices, app performance optimization, and debugging.
  • Creating and showcasing portfolio projects to impress potential employers/clients.

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