August 19, 2022
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Preview - Third Time's A Charm

The globe of Aionios is in a perpetual condition of war, endlessly engulfed in flame and littered with corpses. Nations Keves and Agnus enjoy to detest every single other, and both of those factions’ armies spend the price. To make issues worse, these seemingly mass-generated troopers are cursed with quick, 10-year lifespans. The intention, then, is to endure front-line assistance and be forever immortalized in the Homecoming ceremony, an honorable ship-off for Aionios’ most tenacious survivors. 

I fulfill Noah, Eunie, and Lanz, through the latter phase of their lifespans (or terms). The major trio has slain their good share of Agnusians and watched several beloved comrades slide in flip. So, when they be a part of forces with Agnus operatives Mio, Sena, and Taion through the remaining minutes of Chapter 1, it feels as if all bets are off the table. In a time when just one “lives to combat and fights to stay,” the six leads look for out a much more meaningful, satisfying future. 

Narratively, I am quickly reminded of Tales of Occur – two races are pitted from a single another, blinded by trauma and rage, not able to question the hateful rhetoric at the crux of their bloody conflict. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 tells a grim story. Whilst its opening hours experience from a handful of jarring momentum shifts and unconvincing plot beats, I’ve usually relished discovering extra about Aionios and its youthful solid of people.

Nevertheless, I have appreciated making use of the JRPG’s different top quality-of-life features even extra. Intricate but extremely-advanced menu interactions bogged down earlier online games in the franchise. The third entry is tailored for a modern audience. I am speaking in-recreation GPS routes, a customizable shortcut hotbar with button mapping, additional concise pause menus, and player-character orientation icons for place-based battle arts. These may be insignificant inclusions for the Xenoblade uninitiated, but this newfound level of accessibility is a welcome transform that makes exploration and battles less intensive.


In Chapter 1 by itself, I trudged through a bomb-cratered desert, swam in obvious, open waters, traded with a vendor in a tiny military encampment below a towering robotic, engaged in wonky platforming in some rocky highland, and navigated a sickly forest shrouded in mist. The biomes overflow with aerial and terrestrial beasts, from large birds to armored insectoids. I collected objects scattered all over the video game planet, done fetch quests for NPCs, and “sent off” fallen troops by participating in a ceremonial flute tune.

I used most of my time battling creatures and automatons for drops and experience points. Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s combat is methodical and rhythmic. Vehicle-assaults can be “canceled” (or chained) with function-specific arts like Noah’s many sword strikes and Eunie’s group-healing powers. These qualities create the gauges of “expertise arts” or specials when utilized efficiently. Selected cross-character combos can stagger enemies, creating them to topple or start. 

And then there is certainly the interlink procedure: Two social gathering customers – Noah and Mio, Eunie and Taion, Lanz and Sena – fuse into a humanoid mech, normally regarded as Ouroboros, with devastating moves. So significantly, I have only performed as an Ouroboros in a manager combat, but utilizing its fiery and earth-shattering attacks was a enjoyable electricity journey. With 6 occasion users to handle on the fly and position-swaps that give even simple encounters an amusingly chaotic excellent, I’m keen to see what new mechanics await further than Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s extensive tutorial Chapter.

I am eleven hrs into the story, and with the most important cast on the run from their respective factions, I’m hunting forward to conference the famed “heroes” that support spice up the action, interacting with my several companions at makeshift camps, and finding out who the “true enemy” is. There will most likely be dozens additional sprawling environments to navigate and legendary monsters to trounce, but so much, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is shaping up to be a stable, albeit typical, threequel. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 launches on Switch July 29.

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