June 26, 2022
V Rising

Do you remember LAN parties? They don’t have to be a thing of the past thanks to the latest update from V Rising.

The most popular vampire game in the field, V Rising, which just celebrated passing one million users, has had a new patch. And one that we’re quite excited about. Thanks to the new LAN mode, you don’t need an internet connection to play.

Correct; if you set up a local network with friends, you don’t need an internet connection to enjoy V Rising. There are a few steps you need to go through to play in LAN mode:


  • Choose “Go Offline” from the main Steam menu. You can now disconnect your PC from the Internet.
  • Launch V Rising and check the appropriate box in the UI: if you’re hosting, choose ‘LAN Mode’. When connecting to a server, check ‘LAN Server’ in the Direct Connect to Server window.

Since the game is in Early Access, you can of course see the addition of LAN mode as a beta of sorts. Developer Stunlock Studios promises to keep improving and developing functionality during the Early Access period of V Rising.

Other updates in the latest update are as follows:

  • You can now send server wide messages
  • The ‘Authentication Error’ has several solutions
  • Rescuing cloaks no longer provides the total crafting cost, so players can no longer benefit from crafting
  • Players are no longer allowed to place soul shards in containers
  • Players can no longer send the same servant on multiple yachts
  • Castle floors are no longer disconnected from the Castle Heart when two players are dismantling
  • Players will no longer get multiple gear upgrades equipped with two weapons
  • Steam Cloud can now save server history
  • New admin commands have been added

You can read the full patch notes for V Rising’s update 0.5.41448 here.

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